18 March 2014

Lily and Martins Excellent Adventure - Christchurch roadtrip

Christchurch roadtrip to visit her friend Lydia, the Champion Centre, and her old dance class at Jolt.

Friday 14th March

7:30am, Tahuna beach, 7km in to 420km:
Lily: "Are we nearly there yet"?

First stop, Murchison

Never too early for ice cream...

Approaching Murchison, about 120km in to 420km.
Lily: "Are we nearly there yet?"
Dad: "No"
Lily: "Are we lost?"

Picnic in the back of the car, that's a bit of cake Dad, hope you're going to share it...

We made up lots of games in the car to pass the time, including virtual volleyball, table tennis, and an 'eye spy' variant.

Champion Centre

Where Lily went for first 5 years of life, reunion and celebration of fundraising after the big ride http://mtbmartin.blogspot.co.nz/2014/02/kiwi-brevet-2014.html
It was great to see all her old therapists again. She felt right at home, showed off her skills to the physios in the playground and even sneaked in a private music session with Julie.


Breakfast at Lydia's house, with Eli and Ruby


Surprise appearance at her old dance class after over 2 years away, they got a big surprise! And she remembered all the moves!

South Brighton

Next it was a cruise around our old neighbourhood, our old house, and a look down our old beach. We also made a surprise visit to our good friends Shaun and Karen, and their girls Grace, Niamh and Celia.

Then it was a drive out to Sumner, and Dad couldn't resist a drive up his old biking haunts - Evans pass, Summit road and Mount Pleasant.

Then back to Lydia's house for fun in the garden, and quality time bonding with her old friend again.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye, and start the long drive home. Dad foolishly promised a chocolate treat when 'it got dark'. This was followed by 300km of 'is it dark yet?' at 1km intervals.
Lily did redeem her chocolate, and promptly dropped off to sleep at 9pm, with a little help from her pillow pet.


  1. Great stuff Martin. Great to see the two girls together for awhile